Let's Get Down to the Specifics.

Serious Development, Serious Tools

Web Software Solutions

Web Apps That Work And keep working
  • PHP Latest Versions
  • Database Development
  • jQuery, Ajax, JavaScript Fluent
  • Updates to Scripting Automatically
  • Custom Websites From Scratch
  • WordPress Our Own Software
  • eCommerce Fluent
  • Security Fluent
  • Domains, Setups, Migrations Fluent

Design & Layout Solutions

Fluent in the latest Tools Deadline Conscious project, sound and film editing
  • Coding Tools Fluent
  • Photoshop Fluent
  • Illustrator Fluent
  • Layout Fluent
  • Premier Fluent
  • After Effects Fluent
  • Audition Sound Editing Fluent
  • Music Scoring Fluent
  • Post Recording Editing Fluent
  • Post Film Editing Fluent
  • Many More Tools Fluent

Scalable Solutions

Key Infrastructure Planning Lowers cost for a single site, or large site groups
  • Site Management Tools Scalable
  • Plan & Manage many websites
  • Centrally Managed Reduced Costs
  • Resell Solution Ready

Recent Success Stories


One of our customer's websites were hacked into through an undocumented weakness at the cloud hosted ISP.

We identified the issue, corrected and protected the customer within 1 hour. We then let the ISP know of the new weakness. We also repaired their several thousand page website in less than one week.


Instagram - For Seniors?

We created an Instagram channel where art instructors (All over 60) could take smartphone photos and they automatically fed into their website.  A light bulb moment for them.


Nationwide Staff Organization - On the Road

Our customer needed a way to send schedules, attachments, and log confirmations for event staff hires coming from different parts of the countries. The web app we built allows them to automatically notify, re-notify, and confirm schedules on the fly without having to lug a laptop and Excel spreadsheet on a plane. They did it from their phone.