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Take advantage of our global solutions for your local small or mid-sized business. We've worked with some of the largest companies on the planet and apply that knowledge to yours.

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Platform-less, scalable web apps that run on about any modern portable device. Access your data or projects from anywhere. Our apps run fast, are secure, and backed up regularly.

Ongoing Projects:

Exhibitors Connection – Nationwide Trade Show and Event Marketing

Website Redesign, Web based application design and development, IT consultant.

We have done the last 3 websites for our friends at Exhibitors, each time - updating the corporate image and creating new promotional videos.

Using our software, and the latest design layouts, we helped update the brand identity that is their front end for their nationwide tradeshow and event personnel service.  This represents their well over 5,000 people the provide to leading companies across the U.S. and in other countries.

Leveraging the latest music and video production capabilities in our studio, we created:

  • A fresh and updated brand identity, including graphics, slogans and a marketing approach.
  • Original music for production videos.
  • Filming at events and interviews with they're exceptionally outgoing people.
  • A White-Board style animated video to showcase their strongest assets.
  • Placement on Social media such as YouTube Channel, Facebook and others.
  • A new Newsletter system that reduces cost and increased market reach and a reporting system for analytics and a custom dashboard for their website for internal use.
  • A cloud-based app that dramatically reduced time spent and cost for organizing personnel for their larger events, enabling them to send schedules, collateral and verify hundreds of workers in a fraction of the time they used to spend on events.

Recent Projects:

Ikebana International - San Francisco Chapter

With a long art history since 1996, the Ikebana San Francisco Bay Area group is a valued part of the international community of floral artists. Having done their previous website, it was time for an update to modern deign aesthetics and technologies at

During the pandemic, we facilitated live online art shows via Facebook Live and YouTube Live, as well as media production, filming and post production.

Recent Project Releases:

Exhibitors Connection Does nationwide event personnel and has a 30-year history of excellence. They're customers include Red Hat Linux Expos, Mercedez Benz, Land Rover, Lexus, Intel, Organic Valley, Pepsi, Kraft and many others.

Exhibitors Connection hired New World to update their last website which we also did, to the latest software by New World.

Services included:


Wafu Ikebana California Chapter is a Japanese Floral Art group in the San Francisco Bay Area, with a history since 1896.

They selected us to do their website redesign because of our long track history with their parent group,, which we also designed and built.

Using our software, and the latest design layouts, we carefully represented their generations-long art with over 1,000 event pictures, while at the same time updating it to be enjoyed on mobile devices and to be easily maintained.

"On behalf of Wafu Ikebana Society, would like to thank you for the design and development of a world-class website." —Thanh Nguyen

It was a joy and privilege to work with Ikebana.  They're professionalism and respect for their art is something we have high regard for.

Release scheduled for March-April

The Chocolate Fountain Factory provides specialty Chocolate Fountains and unique pushcarts for events across New York City and New Jersey.  We updated their site to a new design and layout from their previous site, which we also did 10 years ago.

This update brought their website up to date with current layout and security, making it easy to book a rental using portable devices.

From Corey: We have used Jim's services for several years now to design, build and update our company's websites. There is no question that we have always been extremely happy with our finished product. Jim has been patient and very easy to work with especially at points where it took us time to make final decisions. Being a small business owner he has been a huge asset to our company and the way we market and put are services out on the web.
Thanks Jim!!!!!!

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Nationwide promotional
Mcafee: 3 websites,
thousands of pages,
automation, software
Antivirus Software UI graphic design
NEC: Webmaster Services
Philips: Web Content
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