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Film Editing & Music Scores

We have a knack for matching film editing to a film's intent and music scores to film. We can do film editing on budget with quick turnaround times.

We can either provide stock music or create the perfect track for you in any style of music you like, with the exception of music that denigrates anyone.  We can compose a 65-peice orchestral piece, a jazz quartet, house, or acoustic. We are also politically and issue neutral.

Need a promo video?  We can do television spots, local business commercials, lead-ins, event onsite recordings, or help you make that audition video you've been dreaming of—check out the Concept Promo for a upcoming modern funk artist on the left.


Finance Options

We have multiple finance options for your project. We realize getting a project off the ground and completed can be tough. So talk to us. Payment arrangements can be discussed through various sources so that this doesn't have to be the thing that prevents your project from soaring.

Sound Editing & Production

Film Editing & Production

Music Production

Other Projects We Have Worked On:


New York

Consulted to 100 of the top Real Estate agents in the country at a filming production for their Barbara Corcoran Promotional Commercials.
Some we consulted for


Leveraging web presence through event centers and trade show magazines for Exhibitors Connection.

Their Listing


Created a website building system for a nationwide company that provides websites for over 2,000 HVAC industry vendors. Designed and built a management hub for all the websites. Also did commercial spot templates.

San Francisco

Created two new websites for the leading Japanese Floral art Ikebana group in the country, with scores of events and many thousands of pictures.

Their website