Why we no longer use, perform or recommend services related to Facebook

With regular and repeated instances of misuse of user's private data without their knowledge, charges of discrimination and other violations of the law, as well as serving as a platform for various unscrupulous actors on the world scene, we have reached the following conclusions:

  1. We cannot, in good conscience, be using a platform that does not have user privacy as a respected priority.
  2. Because we can no longer trust Facebook because of reason number 1, we will no longer provide Facebook services to our clients.
  3. Because of reason number one and two, we have discouraged all our clients from using any Facebook tools and services.

Of course, this is only our "opinion," and as such, will in no legal manner be a considered an accusation against Facebook. That is for the court systems to continue to determine:

Image from Washington Post. Read the article associated with this image here.

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