About New World Computers


New World Computers is located by Silicon Valley, San Jose, CA, USA. We have served small, medium and large companies with websites, print and software applications for over 30 years with a focus on saving our clients money. We offer an exceptionally wide range of services.

We started out in the music industry and graphic design for print and web.  Then, after spending a few decades building websites, designs and data driven apps for companies like McAffee, Philips Electronics, Electronic Arts and others, we re-embraced the core creative components that got us running. Now, with over 3 decades of experience, we offer media development, film scores, along with web-based services such as websites, web-based apps and more.

Corporate Media production:

With all digital production equipment, we produce video and audio-video presentations, film scores for our business clients, and have tight working relationships with with filmmakers.

Film Scores, Sound Tracks, Original Music:

Film ScoresWe take our 30+ years of experience in the high tech field of apps, the web, marketing and teaching and use them to produce compelling and unique music to engage and move your audiences. With decades of live performance experience, as well as thorough knowledge of the latest music production hardware and software, we create music in 32-bit quality–which is above the industry standard for on-air and album end-production. We use all digital microphones and equipment, have long-standing relationships with top notch musicians. We’ve even eliminated the typical studio gargantuan mixer consoles used in old-fashioned recording studios, processing all our audio on high-end computers. Why? Because it is less expensive for our clients, and makes for much faster turnaround for re-records or producing new versions of soundtracks for our clients.

Website Development, Design and Maintenance

We started building websites when Microsoft got into web browsers. Winning a top-ten website design from Microsoft for our website remake of McAffee Associates Antivirus demonstrate the quality of our work.


mediaproductionWe began creating print materials in 1991 with corporate I.D. packages, brand identities for national companies, as well as the corner family owned shop.



apps_miniWith the advent of internet growth, web based software applications have been a key offering of New World. Even small companies can harness the power of the web for their business now, and we regularly show them how it can be accomplished. We focus on saving our clients money.