About New World

What New World is about, and what we do.

New World started out in the music business, and soon added development, media production and marketing.

Design — Build — Maintain

This end-to end life cycle approach to development has earned us customers that have stuck with us for decades.  Whether we’re producing film into a video for the web or broadcast, designing building and maintaining your web presence, or creating just the right musical piece in nearly any genre, we have the same approach — a long range one.  This means we stick with a job until it’s done or needs to be updated later with changing market needs.


Acoustic, electric, or digital creation

Whether it’s 1 instrument, or a 65-piece orchestra, we can create music that fits your objective as well as your budget. With practical experience in the studio or in live performance, we have the hands-on approach.  This means that whether we are creating a tutorial video for your app, event, or client, we dive in and do our level best to get it right the first time.


Project Spotlight

Nature Film Documentary Film Score

Nature Film Documentary Video Editing

They needed a soundtrack that was quite varied and captured the California coast in nature, coastal activities and it’s beauty. The final film score included genres from jazz, house, orchestra, and sound-effects produced using an orchestra.




This project required that the film editing and film score be created together as a team. This way the raw film could drive the music composing, and the music composing could influence the film editing





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