Web Apps, Design, Print

End-to-end Design & Development

cropped-nwclogo-3d.jpgWe started designing, building and maintaining websites before there was software available to build them and they were all hand-coded. So we know how things work. Things have changed since then, and a thorough knowledge of software packages is vital for designing and building websites today. We have used nearly every software package, and are early testers for ones not even on the market yet. We were on the cusp of the internet of things, creating and working on websites for companies like NEC, McAfee, and Philips, along with a large core of small to medium businesses that repeatedly use our services. We’re still on the leading edge today.

  • Corp I.D. Packages

    end-2-endWe have created end-to-end solutions for small and national clients that include basis print collateral, all print materials, as well as complete solutions that include:

    • Websites
    • Print
    • Video
    • YouTube channel marketing
    • Social Media presence & Facebook marketing, social media pages
    • Newsletters

  • Website Development, Design and Maintenance

    greeting1youtubewebsite1We started building websites when Microsoft got into web browsers. Winning a top-ten website design from Microsoft for our website remake of McAffee Associates Antivirus showed the world we know what we are doing. We can tightly match your website to your branding and color schemes, tie together your social media and web strategies along with YouTube and Vimeo marketing channels. We also create the new HTML greetings that can be sent to potential customers rather than stale emails.

    Web Based Software Applications:

    apps_miniWith the advent of internet growth, web based software applications have been a key offering of New World. Even small companies can harness the power of the web for their business now, and we regularly show them how it can be accomplished.

    With a focus on saving our clients money, we develop web based data-driven apps that connect a companies’ website to their business. This app was developed using the latest Responsive Web design, with jQuery, Bootstrap and other components that connected their manufacturing process to their customers. Now their customers can watch the progress of their orders real-time. Yes, this approach means our revenue stream is a bit smaller. However, saving our clients purse-strings makes for customers that keep coming back to us for more work. We help our customers with projects that involve:

    • Reducing or eliminating the need to purchase expensive word processing packages
    • Saving on ISP hosting costs
    • Ability to easily edit several web pages in-house
    • Strategies for search engine optimization
    • How to do a marketing campaign like the big companies but without the high prices, such as small, targeted Google ad campaigns.
    • How to utilize printing techniques to save costs on marketing collateral
    • How to use software tools to build applications that save costs and scale up as the company does.

  • Print:

    brochure3We began creating print materials in 1991 with corporate I.D. packages, brand identities for national companies, as well as the corner family owned shop. brochure4We are knowledgeable about all kinds of presses and inks – from laser and solid ink to Heidelberg and Harris high speed commercial printing. brochure2From business cards to trade-show materials, we do very small jobs, as well as large ones spanning years.

    brochure1We are thoroughly knowledgeable in creating business cards, flyers, cards, brochures, posters, trade show posters and more. poster4cardsWe can ensure your event collateral arrives at your event venue or hotel, ready for you to use.