Film Scores & Soundtracks

Film Scores:

We can produce soundtracks and film scores for your project in any length and most every genre, using instruments to fit the need. Instruments can be real, custom made ourselves, or state of the art digital instruments.  We have 30+ years of orchestration experience, university trained in orchestral composition. We compose small-scale intros or spots of 5-10 seconds, or 50+ piece full orchestral songs–either original, or our own versions of the orchestral classics. We also produce Rock and modern songs for clients events and on-air projects.  We can provide end-to-end film scoring, lead-ins, lead-outs, cues, and provide stems for your projects.  Being creative on a deadline is not a problem.

Studio recordings available for purchase:

Film ScoresIn the picture example from a film we scored, the film maker wanted a mood mixed of danger for the shark footage, wonder for the fish, and a delicate portion for the jellyfish.

Check the many examples below of various styles of music for film scores and projects we have produced.  These are SoundCloud mid-resolution samples. 24-bit film-ready music and stems are immediately available on request.


Original Acoustic/Electric/Electronic/Modern Trend Music:

We can also product original songs for your project needs in most genres, including acoustic guitar with unique harmonies.  We have both male and female trained vocalists. With over 30 years of live performance experience behind us and over 100 original songs, we can provide that ‘just right’ sound you might be looking for.  We can also write a song just for your event, or provide a pre-written music track and customize the words for your project or event. Here is a partial sample, written for a client’s 50th anniversary. For live instruments, we record in our own  studio using all digital equipment.

Electric Guitar

Original Rock Music Show Intros:

Producing music in 32-bit quality, with oh-so-high quality electric guitars along with 3 decades of experience in live and studio recording sessions allows us to create a one-of-a kind sound for your show, project or event.  These are suitable for high-energy impact scenes, television show intro themes, or scenes that call for drama. We can scale this type of music’s prominence, irritation level or ambiance based on your project needs. Whether you need a background smooth mood or a harder hitting scene piece, we can produce a unique sound, genre and style.

Here are a few pieces recently produced for client films:

Piano–For when one instrument is just right:

Sometimes, just one instrument is the right fit for a mood or project. We can produce nearly any sound you wish, whether it is a modern style, classical or jazz. Below are a few examples. The Chopin waltz is an original version of the classic, the second is our rendition of Tchaikovsky’s Barcarolle, recorded in 2015. The third an original piano short that was written for a portion of a film depicting waves at sunset on the coastline in Monterey, CA.